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Rooibos Tea

Rooibos tea is a kind of herbs which is Aspalatus Linearis, and it is the most fashionable and healthy drinks. It does not contain any additives, preservatives and colorings. In Africa, Rooibos tea is precious as gold and diamond.


China is the largest export country of Zimbabwe's tobacco items. As Zimbabwe's tobacco is in good quality, it brings the potential investing opportunities in Zimbabwe's tobacco industry. 

Kenya AA

Kenya coffee is good in its quality, it riches in mouthfeel, contains moderate body and multi-layered flavors. Also it is fruity and sour. Arabica coffee bean almost absorbs the essence of whole coffee cherry. It contains an aroma of sour and therefore it is very popular in Europe (especially in Britain). Coffee beans are grown at altitude of 4000-6500ft in Kenya. Kenya's coffee beans not only famous in African coffee markets, but it also be an apple of global coffee connoisseurs' eyes.

Namibia Oyster

The taste of Oyster is slippery and plump, it does not contain heavy taste of saltwater. You will receive a strong natural and sweet taste after putting the oyster in mouth, so Namibia Oyster is well-known in the world.


Because of its big size, fresh and high quality, South African abalone has been highly sought in the international market. South African abalone is chewy, therefore its a gourmet. Chinese medicine believes that abalone can nourish our bodies.

Charming flavor Egypt

About three thousand years BC, Egypt began to use spices, which is much earlier than other civilizations of Egypt. May god incense Egyptians invented the Philippines is the first perfume by priests and pharaohs specially made after Cleopatra gave special. Common materials have castoreum, civet and musk, and so on.

Procurement of raw materials all over the world from Egypt, Japan produced the famous perfume (Issey Miyake) also purchases raw materials from Egypt.


Malagasy Gems are famous in world, including emerald, ruby, sapphire, aquamarine, topaz, gold emerald, garnet, Orbotech, colored tourmaline, spar, quartz stones, zircon, etc. Madagascar has become an emerging and important country of the origin of Gems.



Sierra Lione is a small country in West Africa but the largest diamond was found in Sierra Leone. The third largest diamond in the world was a 969.8 carat (194 g) rough diamond. It was found in 1972 and named the Star of Sierra Leone. Also it has a large natural diamond mines and consists of many D color IF Flawless Diamond. However, due to the high cost and profitable return, many buyers and contenders are grabbing for diamonds and therefore it is the break out of civil wars.

Shea Butter

It is retrieved from the essence of Guinea shea plant. The functions are repair, nourish dry skin and protect our skin from external environment. This butter can smear on the lips to prevent chapped. Body's skin would be more dry in winter, you can wipe the body before you fall asleep, so it can moisturize our skin.


Tunisian rugs are in classical Persian style and Classical Kairouan carpets. All products are rigorously tested and labeled the product types and the number of stitches.

Tunisia Desert Rose

Long-staple cotton

Egyptian cotton is also called Egyptian long-staple cotton, is prestigious in the world and known as "Platinum". This cotton loves to live in hot and rainy climate, so topical regions are the most suitable place for its growth. The high-quality cotton can produce bed sheets, quilt, pillow cases, shirts, suits, towels, etc.



Ebony is the wood of a tropical tree found in Africa and parts of Asia, especially Ceylon and India. The distinctly black heartwood has been prized for musical instruments, fine furniture, canes, chess sets, and other ornamental purposes for thousands of years. Stunning examples of ebony carving can be found in African marketplaces today, as well as in Egyptian tombs and Indian palaces. The unusually dense wood can be difficult to work with because of its hardness, but talented craftspeople can carve beautiful and elegant works of art from it.

Ebony Crafts

Ebony also called Rosewood, is one of the hardest and most precious trees in the world. It is hard and heavy. Ebony crafts can be furnishings or decoration at home, or it can be a good choice of being a gift to friends and relatives.


Olive oil

It is known as "Queen of vegetable oil" and "Mediterranean nectar", also it is the only natural form of woody plant oil. The reason of using olive oil as cooking oil is the oil contains natural health protection and beauty effects. It is rich in vitamin K,  nutrients and antioxidant.
Olive Oil and Stomach
From ancients, people describe the function of olive oil is "Good for gastritis and stomach ulcers and protect stomach". As the damage of stomach would reduce by 33% and recovery rate would reach 55%. If a patient suffers from stomach ulcers, he/she would use olive oil instead of animal fats.
Having two tablespoons of olive oil in the morning can relieve chronic constipation.

Ivory Bracelet

Ivory bracelets can be divided into three categories, touch, look and measure.
Touch means the feeling of the surface of ivory. Ivory should be slippery but also comfortable.
Look means the tooth pattern and color, but mainly watch the Razvan lines. It should be more than 90 degrees and in a natural color, white or beige.
Measure means the weight and gravity, such as the weight of hippocampus and imitative ivory would be lighter than the real ivory. However, people would determine the price based on the color of ivory. It is true that the price of ivory is expensive and valuable. But as it is too cruel, Europe, United Stated and China have been prohibited for importing ivory.


African rosewood are grown in 
 tropical rainforests of West and East Africa or topical regions of West Africa. As rosewood is durable, it can resist of abrasion. It is the best of wood furniture and cabinets.


Sisal is a common agave plant, it is well-known as producing Tequila. Actually it is a  perennial fiber crops. Sisal has the widest range of usage and consumes the largest amount of inflexible fibers in the world. It can be widely used in fisheries, mining, transportation, producing ropes, also it has medicinal value.


Biltong is undoubtedly the most special food in South Africa. South African are very fond of Biltong. As Biltong is their daily food, they must eat Biltong, even they are travelling, meeting with friends or resting at home.
Biltong can also be a snack. They would grind Biltong into powder and make it as sandwiches. Biltong has different flavors, including traditional, spicy, BBQ flavor, etc. Biltong also made of different meats, including ostrich, antelope, cattle, venison, chicken, etc. ( All of them are supplied from farm)

Ostrich eggs

It is the largest egg in the world, and can be used for cooking. It is also a nutritious and organic food.

South African wine

South Africa is now one of the famous region for producing wine. It consumes 3% wine production in the world. The main producing region is located in Cape. In South Africa, viticulture is mainly stated at 34 degrees of South latitude with Mediterranean climate. That region is cool and therefore it is the most suitable region for viticulture.

Ras el Hanout

It is a seasoning. The Arabic meaning of this seasoning is " the boss of a store", it implies this seasoning is mixed with expert. It is a mixture of different spices powder, including nutmeg, allspice, cinnamon, cumin, cayenne, ginger, clove, coriander, pepper, saffron, turmeric & cardamom. Many tourists would ask the locals to buy this seasoning again by air mail as they want to taste again.

Pyrethrum medicine and pharmacy

Pyrethrum can be a therapy of skin diseases, especially scabies. As it is non-toxic, human and animals can use it when they are suffering from different skin diseases. Pyrethrum can also be used for intestinal roundworm, hookworm, coccidiosis. Pyrethrum is a plant that roots, stems, leaves and flowers contain poisonous substances. These substances can be used to kill aphids, mosquitoes and other pests. The mosquito-repellent coil is extremely effective as it can kill flies, bedbugs, lice and fleas.

African National Costume

Most of the African countries are located in the tropics, so every African country has its own unique costume.

African Masks

Masks can be divided into different types, including general masks, crest, helmet-shaped masks, decorative masks and Nigerian Yoruba masks. Africans often use masks in daily. Chieftain wears mask for levying taxes, promoting fire safety, etc. Locals wear masks are representing their rights and prestige, also hiding their identities and appearances. Therefore, it can prevent others to take revenge on them.


Djembe is prevalent among Africa as it represents the soul of African traditional music. Djembe is a traditional musical instrument that originated in West Africa. The most special is Djembe should beat with hands. One hand is responsible for adjusting the pitch while another hand needs to hit with rhythm. Djembe can be used in  different festival. When hitting at different part of Djembe, it would emit three voices, including high, medium and low voices. Djembe can perform as solo or ensemble. Africans often use Djembe to express their feelings. For an example, a husband uses Djembe to praise his wife in a party. Sound of Djembe also can be used to announce someone's birth, death and marriage.


Woodcarving is a tradition of Africa. It has statues and masks. African sculpture is unique and show the mysterious history of Africa. Woodcarving made of cork and hardwoods. For hardwoods, they includes ironwood, mahogany and ebony. African woodcarving are memorable and unique as the craving are simple and rugged.

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