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Northern Sahara can be defined as North Africa, including Algeria, Egypt, Libya, Morocco and Tunisia. Main locals are Arabian, and they believe in Islam.

Black people are mostly lived in Sub-Saharan Africa, but many European descents still living there. They regard themselves as another part of racial group and characterize as White South African. Most of black and white people believe in prehistoric religion and Islam. The culture of aboriginal prehistoric religion are relatively well-preserved. Only few of them are Christians and Catholic.

Do not greet with left hand. Do not shake your hands feebly with Africans as they suppose a nice firm handshake would represent an intimate relationship. Africans have strong sense of self-esteem, so avoid to take shots in the lagging places. In general, Africans have a strong taboo about taking photos. You cannot take photos on them, their housing and livestock freely. Please ask for their approvals before you act it.


Islam is the state religion.

  1. Take off your shoes before get into mosque. People who wear vests, shorts and short skirts are refused to get in.
  2. Do not arrange duties on this day as Friday is Islamic rest day. Egyptian have a strong taboo on visiting in Ramadan.
  3. Do not send or receive gifts by using left hand. Also do not pick foods up with left hand.
  4. Do not serve Egyptians with alcoholic drinks.
  5. Shaking hands is the greeting through male and female, only relatives can have veneer (Bise). Male should not shake hands with female actively. They cannot visit each other and forbid to kiss in public.
  6. Do not cross your hands while handshaking. Men should stand up from their seats but women do not. Your hands cannot touch each other when you are using gesture.
  7. After seated, do not put your foots outward or directly forward to the opposite side. They also hate yawning and spitting in the public.
  8. In a Muslim family, avoid greeting with hostess and asking the condition of hostess. Although there are many restaurants, but women are prohibited to get in. Do not praise women that they are slim.
  9. Egyptians wear conservative clothing. Women are prohibited to wear short, transparent and exposed clothes. Men are also prohibited to wear vests and short pants. Babies cannot be naked.
  10. They have taboos on black and blue, also dislike purple and yellow.
  11. They are forbidden to wear clothes with stars pattern. Packages would be unpopular if there are stars pattern on it. Egypt also prohibited with pigs, dogs, bears and cats patterns.
  12. They are forbidden to eat porks, dogs and mules. Also, they would not eat shrimps, crabs, turtles, fresh-water turtles and other seafoods. Animal offals (except liver), eels, soft-shelled turtles, etc. They also do not eat animal organs and blood from dead animals.
  13. Cannot talk when there is formal dining. You cannot make noise when you are having soup and drinks.
  14. Most of them have taboo on needles. No needles would sell and purchase between 3 to 5pm.
  15. Avoid to discuss the politics about Middle East.
  16. Number 13 is a taboo.
South Africa

South Africa includes different ethnic groups. People believe in Protestantism, Catholic, Hinduism, Islam or they have their own prehistoric religions. Etiquette between black and white are different.

  1. Number 13 and Friday are taboos in South Africa.
  2. Do not speak and act rudely to their ancestors.
  3. Cannot call the black people as African.
  4. Do not congratulate them if they were born boys. Do not show that you are patriarchal.
  5. They are unaccustomed to have raw food but they do love to have cooked food.
  6. If you be a guest in a house of South African, host will offer a drink for you. For example, milk that just squeeze or ewe's milk or home-made beer. You must drink more and swallow a whole cup in one gulp.
  7. Women cannot get close to sacred places such as fire, barn, etc.
  8. You cannot comment on the relationship and factions between different black tribes. It is a taboo about people criticize on ancient customs that they have. Avoid to discuss the politics about South Africa, especially racial policies.

Half of the Ethiopian are Christian. About one-third of them believe in Islam.

  1. Number 13 is a taboo.
  2. Do not use left hand.
  3. Wednesday and Friday are Lent Day. Also there are still 70 mandatory Lent Days. During the period, they are not allowed to eat meat, eggs and milk, but they can have fish and other seafood.
  4. They have taboos on black, yellow and light yellow, especially yellow and light yellow. These 2 colors are prohibited to use on bouquets and clothings.
  5. Donkey is a gift from God, it represents as hard-working, loyalty and kind. People are not allowed to abuse and eat donkey.
  6. Pattern with religious symbol is a taboo.
  7. Do not lead your tongue out.

Most of Tanzanian believe in Christianity, Catholic and Islam, only few of them have their own prehistoric religions.

  1. A dignified posture is a must when sitting with the elderly.
  2. They do not like strangers get into their houses without approvals, especially their bedrooms.
  3. Clansmen of Krajina always serve their guests with "Snake Meal" to show their respect. Guests should finish the meal in one gulp and not allow to spit it out.
  4. Haya people do not eat birds, including chickens and eggs. Also they avoid alcohol and do not eat insects.
  5. When guests are going to leave, host often offer gifts to them. At that time, guests can provide another gift to host but do not give flowers to him.
  6. Do not pass things and food with left hand.
  7. It is impolite to call someone's full name. They should use the most respected words to call someone's name.
  8. Number 13 is a taboo of Christian. Muslim is not allowed to have pork and products with pig. Also they avoid to talk about the topics that related to pigs.
  9. Avoid to discuss the politics about Tanzania.

Almost half of Nigerian believe in Islam, one-third of them are Christian.

  1. Number 13 is a taboo.
  2. Avoid to use left hand and do not make gesture with left hand.
  3. Flick your thumb before handshaking
  4. Make an appointment before the meeting, especially when you want to meet the government officials.
  5. Do not wave your hands to call someone, and should not wave hands in front of someone's face.
  6. Red and black are unlucky colors.
  7. They do not stare at others during the conversation, and they scare others to gaze on them.
  8. Take off your shoes before get into a local's home.
  9. If a guest gets into a home of The Igbo and the host refuse to bring out "Cora Fruit", which means that he is not welcomed to the visiting. Therefore, guest should leave quickly to avoid arguments and unhappiness.
  10. Issa people believe that forefinger represents inauspicious. No matter who you are, if you use your forefinger from right hand to point to themselves, they deem that is a provocation. If someone uses all his/her fingers and point to others, others would take this gesture as an insult. It is similar with someone hurls insults at their ancestors.
  11. Muslim would not eat pork and they avoid to use left hand. Also, they would not eat livestock that are informal slaughter and they are not allowed to use products with pig.
  12. They have taboo about married women eat eggs.
  13. Avoid to discuss the politics, especially the problems in Africa. And they also dislike someone talks about atheism in front of them.

Half of Angolaian are Catholic while few of them are Christian.

  1. Number 13 and Friday are taboos.
  2. Angolaians emphasize the importance of caring about children and replica watches online for sale elderly. If someone disrespect to elderly, he/she would receive a reproach or be whipped.
  3. They dislike to do business after work, especially after dinner. They also do not welcome someone visit them at night.
  4. If someone has been invited to be a guest, he/she cannot attend earlier or be late. Do not look around in the host's home, take off shoes and socks without approval and yawn in front of the host.

Islam is the state religion.

  1. Foreigners should call the locals with their own titles and surnames.
  2. Avoid to discuss the problems caused by political and industrial.
  3. Avoid to use the patterns with pig and panda.
  4. Generally, men and women would not shake their hands, hug or have veneer (Bise). Even that they are couples, men and women should not act closely in public as it is an impolite behavior. Also, men are not allowed to greet with other female companions.
  5. Women are not allowed to get into the cinema. Do not take photos or video with Algerian woman.
  6. It is impolite that shake your hands feebly with swiss replica watches online uk Algerians
  7. If you choose flower as a gift, flowers must be in even number
  8. They dislike salty food.
  9. Avoid to pass things with left hand.
  10. Prohibited with alcohol. They would not eat pork and use products with pig. Prohibited to eat animals and blood that died naturally, also sea cucumbers, crabs, gingers and something that is gamey.

One-third of Ugandans are Catholic and also one-third of them are Protestant. One-fifth of them have their own prehistoric religions while nearly 10% of them believe in Islam.

  1. If a guest is invited by the locals, make sure that he/she brings a gift for the host or hostess. Normally, the host would also invite the wife of that guest.
  2. Avoid to talk with them when you are pointing at cows and goats
  3. Avoid to use left hand.
  4. Number 13 is a taboo.
  5. Do not ask them about the number of cows and goats.
  6. Muslim are not allowed to eat pork and use the products with pigs.

Almost half of Ghanaian believe in Christianity and Catholicism. Nearly 40% of them have their own prehistoric religions or fetishism while 12% of them are Muslim.

  1. Do not infringe on their own stools.
  2. They hate black, red and gray. Black symbolizes depression, demon, death and aging; Red represents as grief, disaster, death and war; Gray is a symbol of abjection and humiliation.
  3. Left hand symbolizes unclean. So do not make any gesture and pass items with left hand.
  4. Number 13, 17 and 71 are taboos.
  5. You must show your much attention when accepting a gift.
  6. Do not ask the location of washroom.

Almost all Zambian are Christian while some Zambian who live in rural have their own prehistoric religions.

  1. Number 13 is a taboo.
  2. Do not walk through others' back.
  3. Do not point to them with your fingers.
  4. Do not clench your fist with your right hand and wave your arm toward them.
  5. Use honorific when greeting with Zambian, preferably with their job title.
  6. Do not send a precious gift to government officials or an employee that work in a state-owned enterprise. It maybe a good choice for giving them a gift that include your company logo.
  7. You must request more food when you are having a dinner with the host, unless the host would consider himself as not passionate enough.
  8. Avoid to talk about the shortages of local supermarkets, also avoid to discuss politics and the efficiency of the government.

45% of Kenyans are Protestant, 33% are Catholic while 10% of them are Muslim. The rest of them believe in Hinduism or have their own prehistoric religions. Avoid to discuss the politics about Kenya and some related topics.


Most of Sudanese believe in Islam, few of them have their own prehistoric religions.

  1. Do not pass things with left hand.
  2. Do not talk, touch and shake hands with Sudanese women freely.
  3. Avoid to use dog as a company's trademark.
  4. Muslim are prohibited to eat pork and use the products that with pigs. No drinking, refuse to eat seafood, shrimp, animal offals and dishes that with sauce.
  5. Beja people do not eat fish and eggs, some of them deem snake as God and they always persuade others to follow them.

Believe in Islam.

  1. Please take off your shoes before get into mosque. Unless you receive a permission from the host, you must take off your shoes before you get into a Moroccan home.
  2. They have taboos on white.
  3. Do not like patterns that with owl and the Star of David.
  4. Do not appreciate a lot on an item in the host family.
  5. No drinking.
  6. Women do not eat eggs.
  7. Number 13 is a taboo.
  8. Forbid to eat pork and use the products that with pigs. They also do not like dishes with red sauce.

Believe in Islam.

  1. No drinking.
  2. Forbid to eat pork and use the products that with pigs. They also do not like spicy and seafood.
  3. Do not pass things and food with left hand.
  4. Do not bring a gift and greet with hostess when you are a guest that invited by the host.
  5. Women are prohibited to wear short skirts and men cannot wear long hair.
  6. Black is a taboo.
  7. Dogs also a taboo.
  8. Cats, pigs and female body are banned patterns.
  9. Avoid to discuss politics and other controversial topics.

Arabs are the main population of Tunisia. Islam is the state religion while few of Tunisians are Catholic.

  1. Pigs, dogs and cats are taboos.
  2. Do not use left hand.
  3. Forbid to eat pork and use the products that with pigs. Avoid to discuss everything that related to pigs. They also hate the pattern and image of pig.
  4. No drinking. Do not choose alcoholic drinks as a gift.
  5. Do not send a gift when meeting them for the first time.
  6. Do not ask their wages and income.
  7. Tunisians would consider the gesture of "OK" as a hostile act.
  8. Number 13 is a taboo.
  9. Do not say their products are too expensive.
  10. They dislike raw food and dishes with sauce.

Half of Malagasy have their own prehistoric religions. 41% of them are Christian (Including Catholic and Protestant). Only 7% of them believe in Islam. They like bright colors but hate black.

Sierra Leone

60% of Sierra Leoneans are Muslim, 30% of them are Christian while the rest of 10% believe in fetishism.
They do not like black.


Islam is the state religion.

  1. Camel milk would be offered when the host welcomes the honored guests. Make sure that the guest should finish the milk in one gulp.
  2. Do not kiss in public.
  3. Do not pass things with left hand.
  4. Do not throw and drop meals on the ground.

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